Why Modular?

At Broadworth Modular we strive to offer the highest quality and most efficient construction process possible for your modular home building project.

We benefit not only from an innovative modular construction system but also a state of the art factory environment housing a steel manufacturing plant in which inventive solutions are crafted to create any form or function. We pride ourselves on creative ingenuity in problem solving and passionately believe in quality outcomes both in design and construction.

Predictable Cost

A controlled and fixed price is adopted at the beginning of the construction process allowing you to effectively know exactly what you are getting for your money. This method coupled with our ability to explore cost effective design strategies in each individual project ensure you benefit from the economical advantages of modular construction.

The numerous economical measures include:

  • Economical planning to ensure minimal material wastage.

  • Minimal site works and costly in situ construction methods

  • Reduced architectural and consultant fees

  • Cost effective design construction methods and materials

  • Reduced length of construction

  • In house steel frames and truss manufactured by Australian Steel Framing rather than external manufacture with hefty overheads

  • Volume stock of standard building materials resulting in savings through cheaper wholesale prices which is passed onto you.

Predictable Timeframe

The average time frame from commencement of works to handover is 12 weeks, which consists of 4 weeks factory construction and 8 weeks on site completion. A predictable time frame coupled with predictable cost results in a smooth, efficient process with less worry and easy planning. The benefit of modular construction is the ability to commence works on both the prefabricated modules themselves in the factory and the footings and landscaping components on site at the same time. This significantly reduces the construction period and is simply impossible to match with in situ construction methods. These benefits make modular construction a perfect solution for difficult sites, remote locations and congested urban sites where construction is a difficult and expensive process. 


Sustainable values are central to our company’s philosophy and are evident both in our sustainable design principles and sustainable construction processes within our projects.

From the beginning, our designers thoroughly investigate your site and your needs to ensure that what is delivered is both environmentally sensitive and efficient in design. We aim to incorporate essential sustainable design principles such as passive solar design, natural ventilation, thermal comfort, ecologically sensitive materials, water conservation, materials wastage reduction and energy efficiency to adhere to what we believe to be essential building standards to reduce environmental effects. Our sustainable construction processes involve economical material usage, minimal site impacts and quality control within the factory environment to minimise our ecological impact and improve the performance of your building.

Quality Control

Our process involves the majority of construction being carried out in a controlled factory environment that eliminates the risk of site delays and weather affecting the length of a build.

The factory construction period involves having all required trades on site at all times. Our directors, designers, engineers and at times yourself, oversee the whole construction process to ensure a quality result is achieved whilst eliminating the restrictions of having resources stretched over a number of different sites. Everything is in house and our whole team is always on site, resulting in a focus on attention to detail and quality control throughout the construction process of your building. The factory environment creates an extremely effective collaboration between designer, builder and client that encourages communication and teamwork to ensure a quality finish that satisfies all involved.

Design & Construction Capabilities

Our in-house design, engineering and production team allow us to come up with creative and smart solutions to complex architectural forms and functional requirements.

We are passionate about problem solving and love transforming your ideas and concepts into realised forms and spaces. Our designers and engineers work closely with our manufacturers and builders to ensure a quality result that fulfills your requirements and meets industry standards. Our state of the art factory manufactures nearly all structural elements of your building using Computer Numerical Controlled Technology and a team of dedicated industry professionals help craft any form or shape. This is why we regard ourselves as the perfect builders for architects and home owners with bespoke architectural designs and complex structural systems.


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