Residential Modular

Broadworth Modular offers smart modular building solutions for high end residential projects. For complex or difficult sites that standard plans may not suit, our in house design team can develop custom designed plans. We are also happy to meet with any clients who may have special requests or an idea for a plan in mind. Our 3D modelling software can show exactly what the home will look like by creating any roof form or house shape and applying any type of finish to each surface.


I wanted something better than a project home but didn’t have unlimited budget so I looked at the possibilities of prefabricated homes, modular homes, kit homes and anything else that offered more bang for the buck. I chose Broadworth Modular because they could design a home to meet my specific objectives and a credible review observed that they delivered better quality than most others. I was not disappointed.

Throughout the process of design and then build Broadworth kept me informed, asking for decisions where decisions were needed, and, if something couldn’t be done or needed to be done a certain way, explaining why. And the design is stunning. The block offered extensive views of the surrounding landscape that are so well integrated into the design that it is easy to forget you are actually in a house.

When it came to choices of flooring and fittings Broadworth were quite relaxed about it. There was a budget and a suggested supplier but no suggestion that these were fixed or that there would be significant costs in choosing something else. This made for a comfortable working relationship.

I wanted a house that is relaxing to live in and use, that is a joy to come home to, and is good value. I wanted a house that didn’t need to impress on first sight but one that, after a few days of living in it, made you think “This is a nice house.”

Broadworth delivered.

Client: Tom Mcbride


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